I’m an Engineer November 2017: Who’s taking part?

Schools taking part in I’m an Engineer November 2017

I’m an Engineer, Get me out of here is back! Between the 6th and 17th November, students from nearly 50 schools will be putting their questions to engineers across 3 different zones.

For the latest news and announcements about the event, find us on Twitter, @iaegmooh, and follow the hashtag, #IAEUK.

Let’s meet the engineers and schools taking part…

Artificial Intelligence Zone

Funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering

The Engineers

Rumman Chowdhury | Accenture

I’m in charge of Responsible and Ethical AI at the biggest tech consulting company in the world.

Pooja Narayan | Airbus Research

I’m building a search engine for my company that will learn what people want to find.

Petros Papapanagiotou | University of Edinburgh

I develop smart social networks so that computers and people can work better together.

Greg Chance | Bristol Robotics Laboratory

I program robots using artificial brains to help old people get dressed

Giuseppe Cotugno | Buhler Sortex

I am the doctor of sorting machines: I heal their mind (the software) to make sure they perform their sorting duties well.

Fran Zuch | Seccl

We will build a programme that can interact with our clients and answer their questions. Eventually it will learn from the interactions, adapt and answer more complex questions

The Schools

  • All Hallows Catholic High School, Lancashire
  • Ashlawn School, Warwickshire
  • Berkshire College of Agriculture, Berkshire
  • Breadalbane Academy, Aberfeldy
  • Chosen Hill School, Gloucestershire
  • Fakenham Academy, Norfolk
  • Farr Primary School, By Thurso
  • Irchester Community Primary School, Northamptonshire
  • Lark Rise Academy, Bedfordshire
  • Little Lever School, Greater Manchester
  • Rugby Free Secondary School, Warwickshire
  • Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form Free School, Norfolk
  • South Wilts Grammar School for Girls, Wiltshire
  • St Martin in the Fields High School for Girls, London
  • St Winefride’s RC Primary School, London
  • The Commonweal School, Wiltshire
  • Wyvern Academy, County Durham

Health Zone

Supported by Wellcome

The Engineers

Valerie Bentivegna | University of Dundee

I build and adapt tools, such as ultrasound and microscopy, to use for biomedical research.

Stephen Lang | The Institution of Engineering Designers

The design and development of complex artificial lower limbs, an overlap between product and people.

Sean Doherty | PhD Student, UCL

I design and test gadgets to control the body after someone has been paralysed.

Kathryn Thomas | PhD Student, University of Nottingham

I’m a research student trying to make coatings to stop bacteria sticking to things that doctors use in operations, and other products that go in your body.

Carmel Howe | University of Nottingham

I am using gold and light to see what your brain cells are doing

Alex Moldovan | University of Leeds Collaborating with Pfizer

I work on making medication faster and easier to design.

The Schools

  • Aldridge School, West Midlands
  • Alexandra Park School, London
  • Allerton High School, West Yorkshire
  • Allestree Woodlands School, Derbyshire
  • Craigmount High School, Edinburgh
  • Darrick Wood Junior School, Kent
  • Meridian School, Hertfordshire
  • Merton Park Primary School, London
  • Notre Dame High School, Glasgow
  • Overton Grange School, Surrey
  • Saint Gregory’s Catholic College, Somerset
  • St Joseph’s Catholic Academy, Goldenhill, Staffordshire
  • The Camden School for Girls, London
  • The Cornelius Vermuyden School, Essex
  • Wallington High School for Girls, Surrey

Mole Zone

Funded by Royal Academy of Engineering

The Engineers

Matt Vickers | Abbott Risk Consulting Ltd

I travel the world protecting oil & gas facilities from fire, explosions and terrorist attacks

Lauren Ashmore | GMS Thermal Products Limited

I design hot water heating equipment for commercial buildings such as hotels, stadiums and universities.

Joshua Hosking | Glasgow University/ Glasgow School of Art

I design and build things that I’d like to think will help people; I’ve worked on things from a balloon going to the edge of space to better crutches.

Jo Collins | Air Products

At my company we take the air around us and turn it into a liquid (at almost -200 degrees C!), then separate it so we can sell all the things it is made up of (oxygen, argon and nitrogen) for a huge range of interesting uses.

Diana Mathew | Avanti Communications Ltd.

I help people to provide internet connectivity to people in remote places like Africa using satellites.

Carson Vogt | Heriot-Watt and University of Edinburgh

I build flying robots equipped with cameras to take pictures of large places, then put all the pictures together to let people fly through the area on their own with virtual reality headsets.

The Schools

  • Arbroath High School, Arbroath
  • Ardrossan Academy, Ardrossan
  • Bohunt School, Hampshire
  • Boroughbridge High School, North Yorkshire
  • Churchmead Church of England (VA) School, Berkshire
  • Doonfoot Primary School, Ayrshire
  • Fairfield High School, Bristol
  • Fishponds Church of England Academy, Bristol
  • John Flamsteed Community School, Derbyshire
  • Prendergast School, London
  • Reepham High School and College, Norfolk
  • Saint John Houghton Catholic Voluntary Academy, Derbyshire
  • Smithycroft Secondary School, Glasgow
  • Somervale School Specialist Media Arts College, Somerset
  • The Heathland School, Hounslow
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