Who’s taking part: March 2018

Schools taking part in I’m an Engineer March 2018

I’m an Engineer, Get me out of here is back! Between the 5th and 16th March, students from 38 schools will be putting their questions to engineers in the Milimetre, Satellite, and Space Telescope Zones.

For the latest news and announcements about the event, find us on Twitter, @iaegmooh, and follow the hashtag, #IAEUK.

Let’s meet the engineers and schools taking part…

Satellite Zone

The Satellite Zone is funded by the UK Space Agency

The Engineers

Sylwia Nikel | Arup

GIS is a form of digital mapping technology. Kind of like Google Earth, but better.

Stephen Williams | Surrey Satellites Technologies

I design the software that gathers pictures of planet earth from satellites.

Phil Allen | Surrey Satellite Technology Limited

I design, manufacture and test spacecraft.

Matt Cosby | Goonhilly

I am a director of Space Engineering at Goonhilly Earth Station Ltd.

Hollie Heard | University of Surrey & Archer Technicoat Ltd

Developing and testing metallic coatings to improve the performance of materials in extreme environments such as rocket thrusters.

Helen O’Brien | Imperial College London

I’m the Instrument Manager for the magnetometer instrument which will fly on the Solar Orbiter satellite, flying closer to the sun than anything has gone before.

The Schools

  • Aith Junior High School, Shetland
  • All Hallows Catholic High School, Lancashire
  • Birchwood High School, Hertfordshire
  • Broadoak Mathematics And Computing College, Somerset
  • Kemnay Academy, Aberdeenshire
  • Pitteuchar East Primary School, Glenrothes
  • Skegness Academy, Lincolnshire
  • Speyside High School, Moray
  • St Bridget’s Primary School & Nursery Class, Glasgow
  • St Gregory’s Catholic High School, Cheshire
  • St Winefride’s Rc Primary School, London
  • The Camden School For Girls, London
  • The Dukeries Academy, Nottinghamshire
  • The Gateway Academy, Essex

Space Telescope Zone

The Space Telescope Zone is funded by the UK Space Agency

The Engineers

Hermine Schnetler | United Kingdom Astronomy Technology Centre

I am making instruments and telescopes so that we all can learn how it all started, find other planets similar to ours and more about the universe.

Ollie Burke | Postgraduate Student, University of Edinburgh

I try to understand how black holes move in space, also, as a consequence, how they affect the space they move in!

Guy Rixon | Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge

I write software that finds exploding stars using the Gaia spacecraft.

Christine Simpson | University of Edinburgh

I train computers to sort images of gravitational waves from space- that helps us figure out what our detectors are measuring and where it’s coming from.

Angus Gallie | UK Astronomy Technology Centre

I work on exciting astronomy projects like space telescopes and designing an instrument for the world’s largest telescope!

The Schools

  • Allestree Woodlands School, Derbyshire
  • Brookland Junior School, London
  • Elsley Primary School, Wembley
  • John F Kennedy Catholic School, Hertfordshire
  • Lark Rise Academy, Bedfordshire
  • Ormiston Park Academy, Essex
  • South Bank Engineering Utc, London
  • St Leonard’s Cofe Primary School, Shropshire
  • St Patrick’s Roman Catholic Primary School, Stockton-On-Tees
  • The Sir Robert Woodard Academy, West Sussex
  • Wyvern Academy, County Durham

Millimetre Zone

The Millimetre Zone is a general engineering zone funded by Royal Academy of Engineering

The Engineers

Victoria Herbert | Black and Veatch

I design electrical systems for the water industry which helps provide people with clean drinking water and helps make sewage safe.

Rhys Edwards | Ministry of Defence, United Kingdom

I am a Naval Architect who looks after a system designed to rescue sailors trapped underwater in a disabled submarine up to 610 meters below the surface of the sea.

Joshua Schofield | National Physical Laboratory

As an engineering apprentice, I machine and build equipment used to take high accuracy measurements of all aspects of day to day life (I’m also leading a team competing in Robot Wars this year!)

Demi Ademuyewo | Costain Group

I work hard as a problem solver, helping my company win more work in the rail industry.

Andrew Constantine | Yorkshire Water

I am learning how to inspect dams and reservoirs in order to ensure they are safe.

Clare Causier | Siemens

I decide how to repair the massive (up to 75m long!) fiberglass blades that at catch the wind for wind turbines in power plants that supplied 11% of UK electricity last autumn.

The Schools

  • Baylis Court School, Berkshire
  • Dean Trust Wigan, Greater Manchester
  • Herne Bay High School, Kent
  • Into University, Nottinghamshire
  • Merton Park Primary School, London
  • Redmoor Academy, Leicestershire
  • Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School, Buckinghamshire
  • St Mary’s Christian Brothers’ Grammar, Belfast, Belfast
  • Stanborough School, Hertfordshire
  • The Byrchall High School, Lancashire
  • The Heathland School, Hounslow
  • The John Henry Newman Catholic School, Hertfordshire
  • Victoria Primary School, Edinburgh

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