6 Responses to Chat Booking: Health Zone 20/06/2019 19:00 (30 mins), 7PM-8PM // ALL SCHOOLS // OPEN LIVE CHAT, ALL YEARS

  1. modamy says:

    From 7pm – 8pm we will open the live chat in all zones. Students can chat from home and introduce their families to the engineers they’ve been chatting with during the event.

    This is a great opportunity to engage parents in the activities you are doing in school. Please leave a comment to let us know what you’ve done to promote the extra chat to your students (e.g. giving out the handout or setting as homework) and whether you’ve had any interest.

    Please leave a comment letting us know if you’ll be available for all, or some, of the chat session. You’re welcome to drop in and out during the hour but we would love for as many engineers as possible to join us.

  2. toniatzemanaki says:

    Hi! I confirm that I can make this session

  3. samgaughan says:

    I can attend this chat.

  4. ejaynsugbe says:

    I’m available

  5. emilymcnee says:

    I in

  6. charnettchau says:

    Potentially do today it seems, depends what time I get out of my meeting

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