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Need persuading?

If you get any joy from explaining the world, or think you might have some aptitude for it, then don’t hesitate to apply!” – Matt Maddock

Even if I’ve only inspired 1 of you to just consider engineering in the future, I’m happy!” – Nicola Lazenby

By the end of the two weeks my colleagues were all fascinated by what I was up to and spent time looking over my shoulder whilst I was in the live chats” – Mark Greaves

I have been able to re-evaluate why I love working in engineering and identified what I want to achieve in my career” – Martin Wallace

This has been the best outreach event EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – Paige Brown

Outreach activities are a really important way to communicate the many and varied flavours of engineering, and career paths available to the future generations of engineers (or technicians) that the future of this country (or, indeed the Planet) depends on” – Graham Wiggins