I’m an Engineer, get me in there!

We wanted to give you a peek at how we choose engineers, and what happens once you send us your application.

When do we select engineers?

I’m an Engineer runs in November, March and June every year. We select engineers around a month before each event.

The ‘one sentence description’

The box on the application that asks for a one sentence description of your work is the most important part, the part into which all your creativity and communication skills should be poured.

We email the descriptions to students and teachers who’ve taken part before and they rate the engineers. They get a survey containing only the descriptions. So it’s really important that it (a) concisely says what kind of work you do, and (b) is going to be interesting to a 13 year-old student.

We read through all the descriptions, seeing who fits the themes for the zones that we’re running in a given event (e.g. “I design spacecrafts”, won’t get you into the Health Zone, but might get you into the Space Zone).

Then we pick the best group of people for each zone, taking into account the students’ ratings, engineers’ descriptions, as well as trying to get a good mix of specific engineering areas, companies or institutions, and career stages. (At this point, “I design spacecrafts” probably doesn’t get in, because someone else might have had a similar, but better description, e.g. “I build robots that are used on Earth to test software, navigation and sensors for robots that will explore Mars, Moon and other places.”)

Keep your description short and to the point, but make sure it grabs the students’ attention!

Confirming your place

If you’re selected to take part, we’ll email you asking you to confirm your place. Please reply to that email as soon as possible, whether or not you still want to take part; saves us having to chase you.

If not selected

If you’re not chosen, we’ll email to let you know a couple of weeks after the application deadline.

Once you sign up to the list you stay there, so if you don’t get in selected for the next event you’ll be considered for the following one. If you’re not selected in March, you will be considered for the following June, the following November event, and so on until you update your preferences to say just keep me updated. (All the emails we send out have the option to update your application preferences.)

Sometimes, if we know we’re running a specific zone in a later event, we might choose not to offer you a place in the next event, but save your application for the later round of I’m an Engineer.

Apply now!

Use the application page to get emailed the full form.

Any questions, contact antony@mangorol.la or call us on 01225 326 892.

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