More ways of taking part in I’m an Engineer

We understand that some schools may face issues in taking part in I’m an Engineer in the “usual” way.

Here are some other ways students can take part:

Students can take part from home

Students just need a computer or tablet, and an internet connection.

There is no special software required, I’m an Engineer works on a web browser.

Students can:

  • Send questions to engineers any time
  • Join a live chat you’ve booked for your class
  • Join weekly evening chats – Thursdays 7pm to 8pm

Run a live Chat from the front

If you don’t have access to individual IT equipment, you can still run I’m an Engineer for your class in school.

  • Book a live chat session for your class
  • Project the chat on a screen
  • Ask the questions through your teacher account, on behalf of your students