Parent and Carers Zone House Rules

OK, rules aren’t the most interesting things but we have to have them so that nobody sues or other unpleasant things. Please remember that all rules go for everyone – engineers included.

Rule one – no messages, questions, answers or anything that is offensive in a racist, sexist, sexual sense or mean in any way. If you do it once you won’t get to do again because we’ll remove your access to the site.

Rule two – don’t give out your personal details (like address, phone number) on the site. This is for your safety.

Rule three – if we take a message off the site it’s because we didn’t like it for some reason. We don’t have to explain why, but it’s our necks on the line if you’re telling lies or trying to cause trouble.

Rule four – engineers may be asked the same questions lots of times. That will be boring for everyone so we will take out repeat questions and just add later questioners names to the first one.

Rule five – If a parent or carer asks a really fab question we might publish it.

Rule six – we can’t foresee everything so we may make up some rules as we go. We will be as fair as we can and we’ll post the rules here.

So that it’s more fair, there’s some rules for us (the people running the site) too. We Promise:-

We will always try to be fair. Our main aim is to bring engineering to life for young people and their families, but that doesn’t mean we have to be po-faced, worthy, or that we can’t have fun.

We will never block questions because they are challenging, only if they are offensive, duplicates or don’t make any sense. We can’t make engineers answer them if they don’t want to though.

In Live Chat we will block people for being disruptive, aggressive or offensive to other people. Sometimes, when it’s very busy, we also have to block people if they are constantly chatting amongst themselves, so that the people who DO want to talk to the engineers get a chance. If we are going to do this we will give at least two warnings.

We will try to answer all questions you ask us honestly.