Engineers: Engage school students with your work

Help students stay connected with STEM, their teachers, and classmates with I’m an Engineer, Get me out of here.

  • Chat with students and teachers using a text only platform
  • Answer their questions about working in engineering
  • Compete for votes to win £500 for your engagement projects

All engineers are welcome to apply.
You could be working in industry, academia or the public sector.
You could be a technician, an apprentice, or in roles like comms or management.

Take part to show students the wide range of engineering careers out there.

Engineers: Apply to take part ❯

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What engineers say:

“The activity was amazing and I would highly recommend taking part… It is such a unique way of communicating STEM ideas to students in an informal setting”
“I got much more out the activity than I could have imagined. The questions really challenged me, and made me think about what I do and why I do it”

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