Teachers: Connect your students with engineers

I’m an Engineer is a student-led, online enrichment activity connecting students with people working in a diverse range of roles in STEM.

Thanks to our funders, taking part is free for state-maintained schools. It’s a moderated, flexible activity, that is safe, secure and easy to use. It’s suitable for ages from 10 to 18.

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1. Give context to your teaching

The I’m an Engineer activity shows students real-life applications of their classroom studies.

I would like to do this year-round, in all science lessons, across the school

– Laurette, Teacher

2. Give all students an equal voice

The text-based platform supports all students in having a voice, and asking the questions that interest them. 

… scientists in the classroom is good but you don’t have 100% engagement. I’m a Scientist takes that away: everybody’s got questions

– Amanda, Teacher

3. Bring careers into the curriculum

Students get personalised careers advice from professionals in different workplaces with different career paths. 

I’m a meets 6 of the Gatsby Good Guidance Benchmarks.

4. Support students’ science capital

The activity introduces students to STEM professionals with whom they share personal interests and opinions.

Students make connections between STEM and their own lives, helping them see that STEM, and by extension, a STEM-related career, could be for ‘someone like me’.

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The I’m an Engineer activity

Your students take part in a themed activity of your choosing. These are matched closely to your curriculum, more general or to celebrate a special event (e.g. Engineering Week)

During the activity, students: 

  • Learn about up to 30 relevant engineers through their profiles, including their CVs
  • Connect with a diverse range of engineers in 30-minute, text-based, online Chats
  • Deepen their understanding and continue engaging with the engineers by sending follow-up questions
  • Decide which engineer deserves the £500 winner’s prize
  • Review their learning through a facilitated discussion

We have designed to support your teaching, including lesson plans, prompt sheets and learning outcomes.

A photo of 2 students looking at a computer with the quote
“I was able to ask questions that are important to me and my interests.”

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More information

Questions? Email us at support@imanengineer.org.uk