Winner of the Metre Zone

The Metre Zone ran for 4 weeks in March 2021.

It was funded by Digital Engineering Technology and Innovation (DETI), and featured 24 engineers working across a broad range of fields.

804 students logged in, from 24 schools across the UK.

Over the month, students voted for their favourite engineer. At the end of the Zone, the engineer with the most votes was Michael Jones. Michael wins £500 to spend on further public outreach projects.

Here’s what he had to say about his victory…

Profile picture of the Zone winnerI’m an Engineer has been a really great experience. Goodness knows how many keen students I have had the opportunity to engage with over the past four weeks.

[Students have] asked me some questions that I don’t think I’ve ever been asked up till now which has really made me think about giving […] some good answers, and I always appreciate an opportunity to think about something that I haven’t necessarily considered before.

My thanks goes to the I’m an Engineer team for giving me the ability to do this.”

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