See who’s taking part in June & July 2021!

Throughout June and July, students can connect with engineers in the Candela Zone.

Students can Ask questions, Chat to them, and Vote for their favourite to win a Β£500 prize for more outreach activities.

Teachers: Find out more and register to take part ❯

The engineers are working on lots of different and exciting things, from designing medical devices, to ensuring bridges don’t fall down, to helping slow global warming!

Here are just some of the people taking part:

Profile picture of Louise Wood
Louise Wood
Dog-loving engineer πŸ•β€πŸ¦Ί
Profile picture of Richard Totty
Richard Totty
Bird-watching grouting guru πŸ¦…πŸ§±
Profile picture of Tommy Shinton
Tommy Shinton
Water Engineering Designer 🌊
Profile picture of Abigail Seager
Abigail Seager
Cake-maker, lego-lover, engineer 🧱🍰
Profile picture of Anne Scrimshaw
Anne Scrimshaw
Artist, Engineer, Maker πŸŽ¨βš™
Profile picture of Caroline Roche
Caroline Roche
Control Systems Engineer πŸ’»
Profile picture of Helen Randell
Helen Randell
Sustainability driven horse-rider πŸ‡
Profile picture of Jessica Poore
Jessica Poore
Outdoor-loving β›Ί, cat-cuddling 🐈, renewables engineer 🌊 🌞
Profile picture of Adrian Marsland
Adrian Marsland
Future aircraft developer ✈
Profile picture of Manish Labroo
Manish Labroo
Dog-loving, sci-fi loving, batman-fan engineer πŸ¦‡
Profile picture of Tom Kitching
Tom Kitching
Rugby-loving engineer πŸ‰
Profile picture of Carys Kelly
Carys Kelly
Passionate, caring and creative πŸ“Ί
Profile picture of Chloe James
Chloe James
Volunteer, Outdoors-loving, Analyst πŸ“ˆ
Profile picture of Sam Hurst
Sam Hurst
Paragliding Dog-Loving Engineer πŸͺ‚
Profile picture of Rob Gilbert
Rob Gilbert
Baking bridge engineer πŸŒ‰
Profile picture of Emma Fife
Emma Fife
Opinionated engineer and travel lover 🌍
Profile picture of Mark Eyles
Mark Eyles
Natural-leader, team-player, perfectionist πŸ›«
Profile picture of Hannah Eisenberg
Hannah Eisenberg
Power plant engineer who likes learning πŸ“š
Profile picture of Melis Duyar
Melis Duyar
CO2 utilisation enthusiast β›½
Profile picture of Sophie Dawson
Sophie Dawson
Treats brain conditions 🧠
Profile picture of Emma Crook
Emma Crook
Friendly tea-drinking Engineer β˜•

Take a look at all the engineers taking part in the Candela Zone ❯

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