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Name About me and my work Zone name Date
Alexander ZacheshigrivaI am a young engineer, working in a busy dockyard that builds and repairs ships, mostly navy.Water ZoneMarch 2012
Amit PujariI am a Biomedical Engineer. And what I love about my work is I am able to use the skills I’ve learned from the school and onwards to ‘help save people’s lives’ and or ‘improve their health’Health ZoneMarch 2012
Matt MaddockI work at a particle accelerator, helping to keep the electron-engine running!Measurement ZoneMarch 2012
Mike SalterHello, my name’s Mike and I’m an Electronic Engineer in the Space department at STFC. I design electronics that go onto satellites and currently I’m working on a camera that’s going to go on the International Space Station. Read on to find out more about me…Measurement ZoneMarch 2012
Stephanie TomlinsonI turn the scientists ideas into something that works in the real world.Measurement ZoneMarch 2012
Bill PriceI am a structural engineer, travel all over the globe, design high rise buildings and other projects for our clients. High Performance ZoneMarch 2012
Grant CairnieI am a Calibration Engineer for Passenger Car EnginesHigh Performance ZoneMarch 2012
Kayleigh MesserVehicle performance engineer at Renault Sport F1High Performance ZoneMarch 2012
Rain IrshadI design, build and test space instruments for planetary missions.High Performance ZoneMarch 2012
Emily BullenI help make the drugs that you get now at the pharmacy, and also those that are being tested in clinical trials at the moment.Health ZoneMarch 2012
Anthony HollingsworthI helped to build and run a radiation detectorMeasurement ZoneMarch 2012
Joanne DaviesI’m a mechanical engineer and currently I’m working with medical devices. Im really looking forward to this event and having the opportunity to talk with the students. Health ZoneMarch 2012
Martin WallaceI work for a company that makes various different types of medical equipment and furniture. I love the fact that I’m able to use the skills I’ve learned at school and university to help poorly people feel better.Health ZoneMarch 2012
Paige BrownI am an engineer and a communicator – I engineer ‘smart’ nanomaterials with biomedical applications and I translate engineer-speak into everyday language.Health ZoneMarch 2012
Usaid RaufAuthorise designs for, and modifications “mods” to nuclear power plant systems.Energy ZoneMarch 2012
Robin Stafford AllenI am someone who engineers and designs components for the first generation fusion reactor. Energy ZoneMarch 2012
Kelly WalkerAs a combustion engineer it is my responsibility to generate electricity from coal & biomass more efficiently. Energy ZoneMarch 2012
Caroline Roberts HaritonovI am a chartered mechanical engineer and director of a specialist reliability engineering consultancy focussing on helping oil and gas production equipment installed subsea to operate more reliably and safelyEnergy ZoneMarch 2012
Becky SelwynI am doing a PhD (a 3 year research project) looking at how to use the heat from the sun to make things coldEnergy ZoneMarch 2012
Dan VealI work in mechanical vibration – the science of how things shake – and make instruments that test satellite parts in a lab so when they eventually fly into space I can guarantee they’ll work properly.Measurement ZoneMarch 2012
Andrew HearnI write software for loads different things like automatic controllers for trains, or getting computers to “think” for themselves, and making sure that they run without problems, also I write instructions on how to use them.High Performance ZoneMarch 2012
James VokesI am a software engineer that creates programs that are part of a project that controls unmanned air vehicles.Transport ZoneMarch 2012
Ivanka BrownI am a geotechnical design engineer who has stabilised embankments, created a stable base for electronic traffic signs and designed walls for Victoria Station Underground’s new ticket hall.Transport ZoneMarch 2012
Chris HillI am leading a team of engineers and scientists who are trying to get to and take samples of one of the worlds most isolated ecosystems – a liquid lake buried beneath over 3km of Antarctic ice.Water ZoneMarch 2012
Harriet FletcherI am a wastewater process engineer, which is somebody who understands sewage treatment and works to make it better. Water ZoneMarch 2012
Jed RamsayBuilding things on the River ThamesWater ZoneMarch 2012
Ken GibbsProviding water and sanitation to poorer communities for their health, particularly for smaller children.Water ZoneMarch 2012
Al BartlettI work as an Engineer on one of the world’s most advanced cargo aircraft – The Boeing C17 Globemaster.Transport ZoneMarch 2012
Emma BouldI am responsible for keeping the weapons (that’s Guns, Missiles, Torpedos) and sensors (that’s Sonars and Radars) running on the Royal Navy T23 warship, HMS SOMERSET.Transport ZoneMarch 2012
Omar MustufviI work for Jaguar Land Rover designing the vehicles of the future- Hybrids.Transport ZoneMarch 2012
Nicola LazenbyAs a Civil Engineer – I’m researching how a structures foundations can be used to produce renewable heat and energy from the ground!!Environment ZoneMarch 2013
Keith BeattieI help my company use natural resources (energy, water & waste) in an efficient way, to maximise the value for patients.Environment ZoneMarch 2013
Edward TaylorI’ve always been fascinated by military aircraft, and now I help make sure they keep flying through all environments.Environment ZoneMarch 2013
Natasha WatsonI want to shout about buildings made from straw, earth, and bamboo; it’s not as crazy as it sounds!Environment ZoneMarch 2013
Rachel HarrisI work to clean up polluted water from old coal mines from orange (tomato soup) to crystal clear Environment ZoneMarch 2013
Ben DrummAs a Mechanical Engineer I take scientific concepts for particle accelerator equipment and engineer them into real working objects.Detection ZoneJune 2013
Samer KilaniWorking on building the new ATLAS Detector on the LHCDetection ZoneJune 2013
Gary BoormanI work in the field of Accelerator Diagnostics – using advanced detectors to monitor and control particle beams.Detection ZoneJune 2013
Dan WeatherillI help design and test imaging detectors (cameras) used in space missions and particle physics experimentsDetection ZoneJune 2013
Amanda LewinI’m an electrical engineer designing fire detection and alarm systems. Detection ZoneJune 2013
Adam ScottI design parts to be used on satellites or for the ground testing of these parts.Space ZoneMarch 2014
Alexander FinchI’m a systems engineer at the European Space Agency’s Future Missions divisionSpace ZoneMarch 2014
Aron KisdiI build robots that are used on Earth to test software, navigation and sensors for robots that will explore Mars, Moon and other places.Space ZoneMarch 2014
Jessica MarshallSpacecraft Systems Engineer – I design and build things that go into Space!Space ZoneMarch 2014
Neil BowlesUniversity teacher and planetary science engineeringSpace ZoneMarch 2014
Zoe GeorgeChanging the formula of food to make it taste great! I am currently working on the science in the food and the engineering to produce it 😀Food ZoneJune 2014
Roma AgrawalI’m a Structural Engineer- I make sure buildings and bridges stand up!Cities ZoneJune 2014
Cathy FraserMaking sure the lights come back on if they all go off!Cities ZoneJune 2014
Jaz RabadiaI find ways to save electricity, gas and water used in Debenhams stores across the UK. Cities ZoneJune 2014
Mark GreavesI design, test and optimise water & sewage treatment works.Cities ZoneJune 2014
Graham Wigginselectrical / electronic engineer and Apprentice trainer, at STFC’s Central Laser Facility Apprentice ZoneJune 2014
Claire FergusonI am a Civil Engineer, specialising in bridge design, construction and maintenanceApprentice ZoneJune 2014
Neil DhirI work in a field called machine learning, where I design motion and control models and systems, that accurately mimic human motion and behaviour.Health ZoneJune 2014
Luke FryMechanical Design Engineer working with scientists on a wide range of projects from the huge to the tiny! Apprentice ZoneJune 2014
Danielle EpsteinI am on a graduate scheme in the supply chain sector of Coca Cola Enterprises. This will involve 3 different job roles over 3 years by the end of which I should be ready to take on a management role in the company.Food ZoneJune 2014
Alex LynessI design new drug delivery devices that inject human cells (that have been collected from donors or grown in a lab) into patients to treat injuries and diseases.Health ZoneJune 2014
Claire BrockettMy research is looking at designing better treatment for the ankle – for young and old patients alike!Health ZoneJune 2014
Kate NiehausI’m a D.Phil student working to combine different types of data to answer exciting medical questions about tuberculosis and inflammatory bowel disease!Health ZoneJune 2014
Marcus JohnsI’m a PhD student looking at fixing damaged hearts by making ‘bandages’ out of plantsHealth ZoneJune 2014
Maksim SchastnyAdvanced Electronics Engineering Apprentice in my second year Apprentice ZoneJune 2014
Charlie AtwellMaking beer and cider production more sustainable and saving moneyFood ZoneJune 2014
Rory HaddenI look at how things burn so we can create a safer environment.Cities ZoneJune 2014
Henry PorterI discover exotic microbes with the ability to process organic waste into biogas.Food ZoneJune 2014
Ruth GregoryCivil Engineer working on the Great Western Electrification (using trains that build foundations along the railway).Apprentice ZoneJune 2014
Nicola GaleProviding farms and factories with ‘bulk handling’ equipment Food ZoneJune 2014
David Cuadrado-CalleI am an engineer doing a PhD in radio astronomy technology in the University of ManchesterChristmas Lectures 2014December 2014
William McGennI design amplifiers for the receivers of radio telescopesChristmas Lectures 2014December 2014
Wallace Viguiersmartphone engineer / music hobbyist / world travellerChristmas Lectures 2014December 2014
Tim StephensI use light to measure what’s in things, so people can make richer butter or tastier chocolate.Christmas Lectures 2014December 2014
Steve CoxPassionate about 3D Printing and all of the exciting possibilities that it’s opening upChristmas Lectures 2014December 2014
Benjamin MalesMaking science fiction science fact on the biggest stage in the world Christmas Lectures 2014December 2014
Danielle GeorgeProfessor of Engineering and presenter of the 2014 CHRISTMAS LECTURES: Sparks Will Fly!Christmas Lectures 2014December 2014
Joe MyerscoughI’m the Series Producer of the Christmas Lectures for BBC FourChristmas Lectures 2014December 2014
Fiona DickinsonI’m a teaching fellow in a university, I specialise in ways to make light and uses of itChristmas Lectures 2014December 2014
Kate MulcahyI like to build things, take things apart and make things but better than that is showing other people how to do it.Christmas Lectures 2014December 2014
Mina PanahiI am an RF and microwave engineer.Christmas Lectures 2014December 2014
Mousumi RoyI am an RF (radio frequency) and microwave engineer, and presently develop the hardware for 3G and 4G mobile phones and tabletsChristmas Lectures 2014December 2014
Sarah WisemanI am a researcher investigating how people interact with technology, from medical devices, to novel technology in museums and theatres to help people with visual impairmentsChristmas Lectures 2014December 2014
Peter GreenLecturer in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at The University of ManchesterChristmas Lectures 2014December 2014
Richard SimonsChristmas Lectures 2014December 2014
Paul MurcuttI work on the software systems for robots used to maintain & decommission nuclear reactors & sites.Christmas Lectures 2014December 2014
Linda SandvikChristmas Lectures 2014December 2014
Ben PirtI make robots for teaching children about technologyChristmas Lectures 2014December 2014
Andy HearnWrite code – mostly cool, some not so – for all sorts of things.Christmas Lectures 2014December 2014
Naomi GreenI design and test spinal implants which replace intervertebral discs and help patients with severe back painHealth ZoneMarch 2015
Lauren DransfieldI’m a Graduate Analysis Engineer at Delphi Powertrain, working with heavy duty diesel fuel systems.Transport ZoneMarch 2015
Olivia StodieckI’m using new composite materials to design the aircraft wings of the future, to make aircraft more efficient and eco-friendly. Transport ZoneMarch 2015
Peter RoskillyI am a Graduate Engineer working on the design and maintenance of HighwaysTransport ZoneMarch 2015
Neil TaylorI design pipes to safely move oil or gas that is around 50 degrees Celsius hotter than a boiling kettle and 600 times the pressure in a car’s tyres, from deep under the seabed to the pumps at a petrol station or the oven at home!Safety ZoneMarch 2015
Paula BreslinI run analysis and perform calculations on wing parts to check they will not break.Safety ZoneMarch 2015
Pete SymonsSaving Lives DailySafety ZoneMarch 2015
Philippa JefferisA civil engineer involved in keeping the roads of the UK safe for usersSafety ZoneMarch 2015
Billy HicksI’m a Process Engineer at AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals where I help to make new medicines and take their production from chemical reactions that can only be done in a lab to something that can be done in a manufacturing plant, so more people can be treated.Health ZoneMarch 2015
Louise FranceI love learning about how things work, and love solving problems…good job really as this is exactly what an engineer does!Health ZoneMarch 2015
Rachel PallanI’m a chatty person who loves pretty much any sport. For my work I look at the natural hip from what its made of to how it works and also what happens if its not a ‘normal’ shape. Health ZoneMarch 2015
Felicity HarerResearch Engineer at Jaguar Land Rover. My team made the next Bond villain car.Transport ZoneMarch 2015
Urvashi DanookdharreeI grow nanotubes on the surface of titanium alloy for bone implants. Health ZoneMarch 2015
Alex ShenfieldI make things talk to each other – from phones to fridges and everything in between.Communications ZoneMarch 2015
Chris WatersI’m a PhD student in the field of Communications, looking at how to reduce interference from wireless devicesCommunications ZoneMarch 2015
Mohamed SalaheldinI am a telecom. engineer working as a network engineer.Communications ZoneMarch 2015
Rik AllenDesigning silicon chips for storing or playing movies. Communications ZoneMarch 2015
Victoria SharpeI manage a team of engineers designing and developing cable and pipe handling equipment for use on Pipe Lay VesselsCommunications ZoneMarch 2015
Gosha BarzowskaI’m an engineering apprentice who works as an aeroplane design engineer at Airbus. Apprentice ZoneMarch 2015
Huw WilliamsI started my career as an Apprentice, now I help design jet engines for planes like the super efficient Airbus A350XWB, ensuring it can safely fly for up to 2,000,000 miles without a service.Apprentice ZoneMarch 2015
Ray ButchartSeasoned Training Consultant in Railway Engineering Maintenance and Signalling Design. Welcome dealing with investigations and analysis of failures within the Rail Industry and previously within the Royal Air Force.Apprentice ZoneMarch 2015
Stacey CuttenVarious work placements allow me to travel throughout the UK, overseeing and managing the action on building sites whilst giving me to opportunity to discover the energetic and ever-changing life of the construction industry.Apprentice ZoneMarch 2015
Steve CoxPassionate about 3D Printing and all of the exciting possibilities that it’s opening upApprentice ZoneMarch 2015
Joseph ChilcottI am a Senior Software Engineer and develop control systems.Transport ZoneMarch 2015
Matthew GallMy work is all about making the internet a little bit safer, from viruses, spyware, phishing and other nasties.Safety ZoneMarch 2015
Hannah PearlmanI work on the system which keeps the engine in a car coolKelvin ZoneJune 2015
Yu Chuen TamI work in a hospital department which provide a range of hearing implants, and restores the hearing sense.Artificial BodyJune 2015
William Scott-JacksonElectronic Engineer using 3D vision to correct for breathing motion during lung cancer treatment planning. Hospitals ZoneJune 2015
Zachary GillI’m working hard to make your homes and places of work more comfortable AND cheaper to runEnvironment ZoneJune 2015
Nicola AskerI work as a network analyst at National Grid, modelling our gas network to make decisions for the futureEnvironment ZoneJune 2015
Harriette StoneI try and work out how buildings in amazing foreign countries will behave in earthquakes – will they fall down or will they stand up?Environment ZoneJune 2015
Arshan IqbalI’m an EngD Research Engineer (PhD student) working on using weather forecasts to predict sewer floodingEnvironment ZoneJune 2015
Alex WebbProviding MetStations to oil rigs and platformsEnvironment ZoneJune 2015
Andrew PhillipsI design and make bones and musclesArtificial BodyJune 2015
Elizabeth KapasaI’m developing a new technology that layers sheets of cells like a cake, to help millions repair their damaged bones!Artificial BodyJune 2015
Sheun OshinboluHospitals ZoneJune 2015
Nicholas HitchinsI’m an engineering consultant working on developing medical technolgy for international companiesArtificial BodyJune 2015
Craig AinslieRoyal Air Force Fast Jet and Helicopter EngineerKelvin ZoneJune 2015
Rhys ArcherMaking and breaking carbon fibre composites! Space For All ZoneJune 2015
Mike Lawton‘Managing Director (and office assistant!). Although I’m “the boss” in a start-up everyone pulls together and mucks in, so I’m treated pretty much equally by everyone else. I certainly don’t have my own office!Space For All ZoneJune 2015
Katie HassellNot too hot, not too cold, just rightSpace For All ZoneJune 2015
Dan WatsonI try to figure out what problems need solving and why, then design solutions for them which might be products, services or experiences.Space For All ZoneJune 2015
Camilla WeissI build spacecraft!Space For All ZoneJune 2015
Simon MarchantI work in hospitals, and I check and fix all kinds of equipment – from blood monitors to wheelchairs – use loads of ways of measuring the way bodies work, and even give people (little) electric shocks to help them to walk!Hospitals ZoneJune 2015
Sonia Ramos PascualI am studying the biomechanical behaviour of the human spineArtificial BodyJune 2015
Kristen Salzer-FrostI design buildings and assess the way they will protect you in a fire. Some buildings are harder to design than others, such as hospitals, where not everybody will know their way around, and many people may need help to move.Hospitals ZoneJune 2015
Tadhg O'DonovanResearch and Teaching of the Science, Engineering and Application of Renewable Energy SystemsEnergy ZoneJune 2015
Jamie JohnstonI work with a team of scientists to develop machines that can test a patient for infections in half an hour.Hospitals ZoneJune 2015
Lee MargettsI use supercomputers to simulate nuclear reactors, wind farms and dinosaur locomotionEnergy ZoneJune 2015
Liz MeddingsBuilding Services EngineerEnergy ZoneJune 2015
David HillI design power stations, keeping the lights on as safely and efficiently as possible #boringstatementEnergy ZoneJune 2015
Yasmin AliI give YOU power by working out how to get oil and gas stuck deep underground to power stations to make electricity so you can watch TV, have hot showers and travel!!Energy ZoneJune 2015
Siu NgFlood Risk Engineer – I develop engineering solutions to protect people, businesses, homes and lives from the risk of flooding and increase benefits to the environment.Kelvin ZoneJune 2015
Simon LayI build Automated Control systems to protect expensive bespoke equipment.Kelvin ZoneJune 2015
Norbert GogielI am an engineer that analyses the performance of spacecraft structures by creating mathematical models to analyse them.Kelvin ZoneJune 2015
Michael SuluI try to find the best way to grow bacteria and other cellsProduction ZoneNovember 2015
Chris FrancisI get paid to juggle around money, people and time in the name of New Product Development.Production ZoneNovember 2015
Holly MillerI write the processes to build cars and check the parts will go together.Production ZoneNovember 2015
Lydia JamesI’m an apprentice in a manufacturing company who programs robots to make metal components for jet engines and turbine energy engines.Production ZoneNovember 2015
Mark DoughertyI help make Baked Beans Production ZoneNovember 2015
Steven WrayI run and fix big electrical equipment for a science experiment looking at a future power generation idea.Energy ZoneNovember 2015
Sandra FayemiwoIn a nut shell, I work as the link between power stations and you (Customer).Energy ZoneNovember 2015
Liena VildeI am a Power System Engineer at National GridEnergy ZoneNovember 2015
Dona GalhenaDedicated researcher working on future energy materials.Energy ZoneNovember 2015
Andrew AllanI help keep Britain’s lights on by fixing power stations and making plans for a clean energy future in the UKEnergy ZoneNovember 2015
Matthew RoundI work in a cardiothoracic hospital supporting various Imaging modalities and specialist IT systems. I’m also fortunate that my work allows me to be an honorary member of Imperial College London.Surgery ZoneMarch 2016
Monica RozeikI work at the university to design and develop medical devices for the heart.Surgery ZoneMarch 2016
Maedeh BorhaniI work in the university and design new techniques and devices to help the patients with hand abnormalitiesSurgery ZoneMarch 2016
Dominic EggbeerI work with surgeons and other medical specialists in the use of design/engineering technologies in custom medical device developmentSurgery ZoneMarch 2016
Christine CoonickI get the amazing job of pushing solar power technologies to their limitsFuel ZoneMarch 2016
Paul DuffLiving and working in the English Lake District as an Electrical, Control and Instrumentation EngineerFuel ZoneMarch 2016
Priyanka DhopadeJet engines get hot; the bits inside can break or melt; I make sure they don’t.Fuel ZoneMarch 2016
Ryan BakewellI design the powertrains (i.e. what used to be the engine..) for electric vehicles! Fuel ZoneMarch 2016
Sarah HargreavesI work as part of a team designing mini nuclear power plants which are used in the Royal Navy’s submarinesFuel ZoneMarch 2016
Abbie HuttyLead Engineer for the Structure Design on the first European Mars RoverRobotics ZoneMarch 2016
Abi Aspen GlencrossI’m a cellular agriculturalist researcher which means……I GROW MEAT IN THE LAB! Steak is my specialty.Food ZoneMarch 2016
Stuart InglisI’m a mechanical engineer who designs tools and upgrades for underwater robots called ROVsRobotics ZoneMarch 2016
Tom BullockI design tasty new snack foods like crisps and crackers; I look at what ingredients, recipes and machines we need to make them in a big factory!Food ZoneMarch 2016
Andrew PidgeonSenior engineer working in intelligent transportation systems (ITS)Metre ZoneMarch 2016
Angela Oliveira PiscoPostdoctoral researcher living the dream of becoming a professorMetre ZoneMarch 2016
Eleanor SherwenProduct Design Engineer for Brompton Bicycles LtdMetre ZoneMarch 2016
Emma BradleyI am a Senior Structural Engineer, and I specialise in the design and construction of underground stationsMetre ZoneMarch 2016
Profile RemovedMetre ZoneMarch 2016
Tom RooneyWorking towards giving autonomous underwater robots a sense touch, and enabling them to feel the water moving around them by using whiskersRobotics ZoneMarch 2016
Matthew OldfieldI work as part of a team designing a tool for brain surgery. Surgery ZoneMarch 2016
Blanca MendizabalI work every day to create solutions to make agriculture easier and accessible so that everybody can grow their favourite food at home!Food ZoneMarch 2016
Paul WebbI work with the lastest technology for creating breads, pancakes, crumpets I get to work on all sorts of equipment an I get to fix problems using my initiate have total freedom to decide an make my ideas into reality to fix a problem or make improvements, I listen to my team and see how their ideas could become more, and I help them to develop those ideas to make a presentation to the directors Robotics ZoneMarch 2016
Melanie ZimmerGraduate Engineer / PhD student researching into monitoring and model learning methodsRobotics ZoneMarch 2016
Ross MillerI look at how chocolate behaves as a solid and liquid to help make tastier, more exciting chocolatey treats!Food ZoneMarch 2016
Dean MilesI work designing new biscuit manufacturing equipment and new lines for making tasty new biscuits and snacks.Food ZoneMarch 2016
Tamsin DobrowolskaI’m a marine engineer so I work at sea and on the docks to keep ships sailing.Water ZoneJune 2016
Maurice Stokes“I am a civil engineering manager responsible for building water tanks you could fit the school hall in, pipes you could ride a bike down; using equipment that could move or lift a house – to ensure every drop of water is clean and safe!Water ZoneJune 2016
Matthew HobbsI study and improve chemical reactions to destroy pesky pesticide pollutants and make sure your water is safe to drinkWater ZoneJune 2016
Joe ShuttleworthI spend my time trying to think of new ways to help protect people like you guys from flooding! Water ZoneJune 2016
Vinita KhiroyaI create virtual simulations of equipment on huge construction vessels to see if it will survive real world conditions like stormy seas and try and strengthen them if they fail.Water ZoneJune 2016
Michael CarleyI come up with ways to calculate noise accurately so that we can make things quieter.Aerospace ZoneJune 2016
Mark GowanProviding solutions to problemsEnvironment ZoneJune 2016
Laura O'SheaI aim to make sure our new fabrics and products can withstand the highest demands of performance so that athletes can rely upon them to train and play at their best.Health ZoneJune 2016
Jeni Spragg I’m researching sustainable hydrogen production, because we use 50 million tonnes of hydrogen per year for lots of different things like refining crude oil, margarine and fertilizers.Environment ZoneJune 2016
Ashwanth VijayUnder the sea construction ‘Engineering to extract the fuel for your home and car from far below the seabed’Environment ZoneJune 2016
Adam DrakeI use technology to solve difficult problems in the defence sector where I work on some of the most complex machines ever built.Kilogram ZoneJune 2016
Eloise TaysomI’m trying to help people understand how to build big systems, like cities, that survive when unexpected things happen.Kilogram ZoneJune 2016
Iona StrawsonMechanical design for machines using optics and pneumatics to sort product such as food and plastic.Kilogram ZoneJune 2016
Jarrod HartI understand the properties of all the stuff around us – plastics, glasses, iphones, and how to make them from rocks and crude oil.Kilogram ZoneJune 2016
Stephen RichardsonI’m researching how to build supermarkets from more environmentally friendly materialsEnvironment ZoneJune 2016
Man Hang YipI plan and move the things you bought from warehouses across the UK to your home a day after you have clicked on the company website.Kilogram ZoneJune 2016
Julia FaerberI am a PhD student and involved in a project where we are developing a tiny pill that takes a live video of the human guts and beyond to uncover diseases such as cancer.Health ZoneJune 2016
Natalie WrideI’m researching how the ground behaves when high speed trains pass over it to make sure future trains can run at high speed safelyEnvironment ZoneJune 2016
Krishnaa MahbubaniI’m looking for a way to successfuly freeze cells, tissues and organs so we can keep them longer and ensure they can be successfully transfused or transplanted.Health ZoneJune 2016
Rebecca PullonI provide doctors with mobile phones and tablets to help them monitor patients in clinical trialsHealth ZoneJune 2016
Simon WillocksHead of a Function of 29 Engineering and SHE (Safety, Health & Environment) profressionals – helping to ensure the availability of safe, compliant effective and reliable manufacturing facility for global supply of a flu vaccine. Health ZoneJune 2016
Agata SuwalaI’m a research engineer working on developing aerospace assembly systemsAerospace ZoneJune 2016
Chris HackettGraduate electrical engineer on the Exomars projectAerospace ZoneJune 2016
Kirstin RouseI design, develop and test software which is put onto military planes and helicopters.Aerospace ZoneJune 2016
John AllportMy job can best be described as solving problems, sometimes technical, sometimes managerial, but always involving people.Aerospace ZoneJune 2016
Sylvain JamaisI design medical equipments that help make people better.Diagnosis ZoneNovember 2016
Sarah HampsonI’m trying to 3D print microchips that can analyse cells (as well as other tiny things like bacteria)Diagnosis ZoneNovember 2016
James ClarkeMy work is in the field of neurotechnology, designing wearable robotics to help us see how brain diseases affect the way people walk and balanceDiagnosis ZoneNovember 2016
Dawn GilliesI squash cells and use new types of imaging using lasers to see how squishy they are to find out more about cancerDiagnosis ZoneNovember 2016
Tomas ParradoAt Cairn Research I develop and design high precision instrumentation, primarily for biological research.Diagnosis ZoneNovember 2016
Vaanathi SundaresanI analyse the medical images of various organs of the body to identify and characterize diseases or pathologiesDiagnosis ZoneNovember 2016
Sarah HuntI design parts for aeroplane engines and calculate how long they will last in an engine – they are made from really special materials called ‘single crystals’.Motor ZoneNovember 2016
Masha FolkI try to make jet engines eat less fuel by making the turbine inside work betterMotor ZoneNovember 2016
Mark CatherallI simulate racing cars, F1 cars mainly, but recently Formula E cars too!Motor ZoneNovember 2016
Andrei IlieMaking sure cars are built correctlyMotor ZoneNovember 2016
Anya GraingerIm a Civil Engineer. My role is to bring to life a design which could be railways, roads, bridges, skyscapers.Apprentice ZoneNovember 2016
Dominique AndersonThe motor whispererMotor ZoneNovember 2016
Daryl LyonsI work within a team of software engineers, currently we’re working on creating a websiteApprentice ZoneNovember 2016
Krishma KapoorShadowing Civil Engineers, on the cross rail west station upgrade projectsApprentice ZoneNovember 2016
Richard SymondsI bring buildings to life and control the mood and comfort of the occupants within itApprentice ZoneNovember 2016
Ronnie MillsGetting water from where it’s treated to the tap so that you can drink it!Apprentice ZoneNovember 2016
Betty Bonnardel-AzzarelliI am a rocket scientist who works in the satellite and nuclear sectors. I help companies and countries develop innovative solutions to help us all live better.Space ZoneNovember 2016
Isaac LlorensDesign satellites and make sure they will work in space.Space ZoneNovember 2016
Kieran Arnoldimagining the unthinkable and engineer the impossible and that’s just a Monday 🙂 Space ZoneNovember 2016
Removed EngineerSpace ZoneNovember 2016
Silvia PardoI study the ocean using pictures taken by satellitesSpace ZoneNovember 2016
William AvisonBuilding satellite payloads to help with the recovery from natural disasters.Space ZoneNovember 2016
Leon WechieI help a millionaire Oil company make more millions by doing small-scale lab experiments, interpreting data and discovering new findings! Easy peasyMotor ZoneNovember 2016
Dmitry DereshevExperimenting with smart speakers and companion robotsRobotics ZoneMarch 2017
Daniel MorseI look at how bacteria and fungi from the mouth interact, and grow living 3D models of the roof of your mouth in the lab to infect and see what happens!Artificial Body ZoneMarch 2017
Iulia MotocWorking with humanoids robots and using them in different scenarios (healthcare, education, business).Robotics ZoneMarch 2017
Siobhan DuncanI am looking at how we can design robots that collaborate with thousands (or even millions) of others identical robots to complete a common goal.Robotics ZoneMarch 2017
Todd BurtonIn a nutshell: Kidney tissue engineeringArtificial Body ZoneMarch 2017
Sophie CoxI’m trying to repair the human body by understanding diseases better and designing/making/manufacturing new implantsArtificial Body ZoneMarch 2017
Zach WelshmanUsing medical images and computer programming to describe biomechanics of the foot and ankle.Artificial Body ZoneMarch 2017
Ana GallegoI design components for artificial legsArtificial Body ZoneMarch 2017
Alejandra ArancetaI research new ways that your body could connect to a machine in order to improve driving prosthetic handsArtificial Body ZoneMarch 2017
Andy WoodsI’m a Railway Engineer for Siemens in the UK, I work in Systems Engineering which is about making sure that we build the correct thing.Ampere ZoneMarch 2017
Katie PaveyI help car companies to build their cars with robots – robots are much faster and more accurate than us humans!Robotics ZoneMarch 2017
Emma RyanI 3D print spaceships, satellites and armoured fighting vehicles out of metal. Ampere ZoneMarch 2017
Shahil JuggernathI build wind farms in AfricaAmpere ZoneMarch 2017
Sheryl WilliamsMy main role is supporting academics in the development of their teaching ( distance learning and on-campus), especially in the area using more technology to engage their students.Ampere ZoneMarch 2017
Zoe LonsdaleCivil Engineer specialising in water and sewageAmpere ZoneMarch 2017
Andres RiveroI research on morphing wings for aircraftAmpere ZoneMarch 2017
Mateusz JozkoControl System Engineer – I make the things moving !Robotics ZoneMarch 2017
Ollie MorrisWorking with intelligent autonomous vehiclesRobotics ZoneMarch 2017
Rebecca BennettI design and develop textile materials that are used in high performance sports Smart Materials ZoneJune 2017
Tony Anson I am a Biomedical Engineer, “inventing” medical devices, particularly cardiovascular and orthopaedic implants, also finding solutions in a practical way for other engineering problems, including aerospace, automotive and manufacturing.Smart Materials ZoneJune 2017
Stacey MarpleMy role is developing coatings, I am working on the Navy’s aircraft carrier deck. Smart Materials ZoneJune 2017
Niamh RyallI’m trying to make a new kind of solar panel.Smart Materials ZoneJune 2017
Alessandra TrevisoI create virtual models of airplanes or car components to make sure they work before they are produced.Smart Materials ZoneJune 2017
Dimitrios FantanasI work with spray deposited novel transparent conductive materials for touch sensors and other applications.Smart Materials ZoneJune 2017
Emma GrayshonA civil engineer working in transport planning and engineeringFuture TransportNovember 2017
Kayleigh MesserVehicle performance engineer at Renault Sport F1Future TransportNovember 2017
Miriam RicciI study what people think about transport innovations, such as driverless carsFuture TransportNovember 2017
Katie PlantFuture TransportNovember 2017
Mark EllisI design high power lithium-ion batteries for use in electric cars on the road and the racetrack.Future TransportNovember 2017
Rhys PhillipsAt work, I look at how to protect aeroplanes against lightning strikes. Future TransportNovember 2017
Olivia StodieckI’m using new composite materials to design the aircraft wings of the future, to make aircraft more efficient and eco-friendly. Future TransportNovember 2017
Omar MustufviI work for Jaguar Land Rover designing the vehicles of the future- Hybrids.Future TransportNovember 2017
Priyanka DhopadeJet engines get hot; the bits inside can break or melt; I make sure they don’t.Future TransportNovember 2017
Rachel BennettI have almost 10 years experience in the Rail Industry working for ConsultantsFuture TransportNovember 2017
Rumman ChowdhuryI’m in charge of Responsible and Ethical AI at the biggest tech consulting company in the world.Artificial Intelligence ZoneNovember 2017
Fran ZuchProduct Analyst - Now what is that? I am a translator between our clients and developers and the software we would like to buildArtificial Intelligence ZoneNovember 2017
Greg ChanceI work with robots that can help people!Artificial Intelligence ZoneNovember 2017
Giuseppe CotugnoI develop software that instructs industrial machines to separate good food from bad one. To do so, I program microcomputers embedded in an electronic circuit to activate different devices that feed the machine, eject the bad food or control the sensors and lights. Sometimes I also work on the software that allows a human worker to configure and monitor the machineArtificial Intelligence ZoneNovember 2017
Petros PapapanagiotouI develop smart software that helps people work better together. I work with NHS doctors quite a lot.Artificial Intelligence ZoneNovember 2017
Pooja NarayanMy work is to innovate new ways of doing things.. I do that by writing softwares..Artificial Intelligence ZoneNovember 2017
Holly MillerI write the processes to build cars and check the parts will go together.Future TransportNovember 2017
Alex MoldovanMy work is focused on using apps to help with the development of medicine.Health ZoneNovember 2017
Eleanor SherwenProduct Design Engineer for Brompton Bicycles LtdFuture TransportNovember 2017
Lauren AshmoreI make sure people are warm and they have hot water!Mole ZoneNovember 2017
Joshua HoskingI'm a student, so I do a good mix of learning and making!Mole ZoneNovember 2017
Jo CollinsMy job is to sell air!Mole ZoneNovember 2017
Diana MathewI work as an Engineer in the consultancy department of a Satellite Operator and Services ProviderMole ZoneNovember 2017
Carson VogtI use robots to help me create scenes for virtual reality.Mole ZoneNovember 2017
Craig AllisonFuture TransportNovember 2017
Matt VickersProcess Safety Consultant working wherever I'm needed...Mole ZoneNovember 2017
Carmel HowePhD Student trying to find a new way of detecting brain activity. (& teaching assistant)Health ZoneNovember 2017
Kathryn ThomasI'm an Engineering PhD student who is working to make a coating that kills bacteria but doesn't hurt your body's cells.Health ZoneNovember 2017
Sean DohertyI work on developing a device to control people's bladders... to help people with nerve injuriesHealth ZoneNovember 2017
Stephen LangI am a Chartered Engineer, one of the engineers responsible for bringing artificial limbs into the 21st centuryHealth ZoneNovember 2017
Valerie BentivegnaI am a PhD student trying to find methods for studying "biomechanics", which looks at the physics of cells and tissues.Health ZoneNovember 2017
Alya ShahroomI am a Graduate EngineerFuture TransportNovember 2017
Andy WoodsI’m a Railway Engineer for Siemens in the UK, I work in Systems Engineering which is about making sure that we build the correct thing.Future TransportNovember 2017
Angus GallieI work as a mechanical design engineer at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh, for an organisation called the UK Astronomy Technology CentreSpace Telescope ZoneMarch 2018
Hermine SchnetlerI am a systems engineer and is therefore responsible to design and build amazing instruments that can be used by the UK and European astronomers to work out anything and everything about the universe.Space Telescope ZoneMarch 2018
Helen O'BrienI'm the Instrument Manager for the magnetometer instrument which will fly on the Solar Orbiter satellite, flying closer to the sun than anything has gone before. Satellite ZoneMarch 2018
Hollie HeardI develop processes and equipment for producing metallic and ceramic coatings to be used in some of the most extreme environments such as rocket thrusters.Satellite ZoneMarch 2018
Matt CosbyI talk to Spacecraft around MarsSatellite ZoneMarch 2018
Phil AllenSpacecraft Engineer in a Small Satellite CompanySatellite ZoneMarch 2018
Stephen WilliamsA Software Engineering working on Satellite Data Recorders.Satellite ZoneMarch 2018
Alexander BurkeI try to understand how black holes move in space, also, as a consequence, how they affect the space they move in! I am very interested in the maths and physics Einstein and Stephen Hawking (RIP) were involved in!Space Telescope ZoneMarch 2018
Sylwia NikelI'm GIS specialist with 12 years experience. GIS stands for Geographical Information Systems.Satellite ZoneMarch 2018
Guy RixonI build and maintain software for two space missions: we find exploding stars and new planetsSpace Telescope ZoneMarch 2018
Victoria HerbertI work as an Electrical Engineer helping to design Water and Sewage Treatment Centres.Millimetre ZoneMarch 2018
Christine SimpsonI'm interested in training computers to detect real gravitational waves from things like black holes eating eachotherSpace Telescope ZoneMarch 2018
Andrew ConstantineMillimetre ZoneMarch 2018
Clare CausierEngineer fixing stuff which is not working properlyMillimetre ZoneMarch 2018
Demi AdemuyewoI am currently helping my company win more work in the rail industry.Millimetre ZoneMarch 2018
Joshua SchofieldI help design and make instruments used by scientists to take precision measurements of the world around us.Millimetre ZoneMarch 2018
Rhys EdwardsI am responsible for safety & technical management of the NATO Submarine Rescue SystemMillimetre ZoneMarch 2018
Xu TeoI work in the Client Services team and handle interactions with customers, satellite operators and handle a range of technical tasks such as image processing.Space ZoneJune 2018
Leah-Nani AlconcelI work in a lab that builds scientific instruments, specifically magnetometers, for robotic spacecraft studying the Solar System.Space ZoneJune 2018
Kathryn BurrowsComputer modelling of an amazingly precise low gravity clock which will be installed on the International Space Station and will allow time experts to measure the worlds best clocks all over the globe and test Einsteins theory of relativity.Space ZoneJune 2018
Ian JonesCEO at Goonhilly Earth Station LtdSpace ZoneJune 2018
Hina KhanI am the Project Coordinator for space mission activity and applications with Spire Global UK, a satellite data company using nanaosatellites it improve the world we live by monitoring, tracking, and predicting changes in the world around us. Space ZoneJune 2018
Andrew Margetts-KellyMy work is very varied, I design electronics but also work on cameras, systems (a fancy word basically meaning playing with lego) and also on propulsion systems (the rockets).Space ZoneJune 2018
Sufia FatimaMaking Stainless Steel slippery to reduce frictionArtificial Body ZoneJune 2018
Sophie LouthI use a 3D printer to make new metal bones, and research ways to do it even better!Artificial Body ZoneJune 2018
Ian RichardsI design surigical implants using 3D printingArtificial Body ZoneJune 2018
Chung Han ChuaI make hands of varying quality.Artificial Body ZoneJune 2018
Cat MacleodI work as a Clinical Scientist at NHS Greater Glasgow and clydeArtificial Body ZoneJune 2018
Boris MocialovI teach machines to understand sign languages that are used by the deaf people. Also, I am building a robot to teach kids that robotics is very simpleArtificial Body ZoneJune 2018
Raam ShankerI Love Being an Engineer, as I Believe I Help in Changing the WorldSpace ZoneNovember 2018
Henry WattsAn engineer / salesman in a defence companyMillisecond ZoneNovember 2018
Samuel BancroftI work in the tech team, developing code to process data from live satellites, in order to discover things going on back down on Earth.Space ZoneNovember 2018
Robson WittsI work in a highly skilled multicultural team of engineers to create deploy-able satellite structures for the space industry. Space ZoneNovember 2018
Reshma VoraI Work for NAVBLUE which is part of Airbus as a Product Application SpecialistSpace ZoneNovember 2018
Michelle HandsI am a Construction Site EngineerMillisecond ZoneNovember 2018
K-Jo O'FlynnI work in a company called Oxford Space Systems where I am a maintenance engineer putting together antennas and other space technologies.Space ZoneNovember 2018
Alison DufresneI'm a space propulsionn engineer!Space ZoneNovember 2018
Fidel OlayeGraduate Electrical EngineerMillisecond ZoneNovember 2018
Pauline IssardI'm the founder and director of Trackener, revolutionising horse care with technology. I make sure everything is going well in the product development so that the customers are happy with the product! Millisecond ZoneNovember 2018
Sophie RimmerI am a researcher - I work in the lab and look at lab results to make a machine use less energy.Millisecond ZoneNovember 2018
Chris NealeCloud EngineerMillisecond ZoneNovember 2018