Zones: High Performance, Health, Energy & 2 others

I work out how to make super tall buildings and football stadiums stand up

I’m working on producing a very small rocket engine for miniaturized spacecraft!

I’m helping design the cockpit for a 1,000mph car

What do these people have in common? They are all engineers who might take part in the High Performance Zone in I’m an Engineer in March next year.

We’ve been listening to teachers and engineers to get a sense of what zones you’d like us to run.

We’ve decided to run:

  • High Performance Zone – 5 engineers working on projects that push engineering to the limits
  • Energy Zone – 5 engineers who work out how to use and deliver energy more efficiently than ever
  • Health Zone – 5 engineers keeping us alive and well

Possible contenders for the Energy Zone include:

I study how to reduce the amount of energy that industry uses to produce the steel products that we all use

I develop control systems for air-to-air refuelling

And for the Health Zone:

I design and develop complex artificial lower limbs, an overlap between product and people

I specialised in water supply, sanitation and public health

That leaves us with two zones still to finalise. There are more suggestions on zone selection here, but you might have other ideas.  We’re also still very much open for more engineers to apply to take part. Who we get may influence the final choice. We’ll make that decision on December 8th.

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