Mid term report

As we approach the Christmas break we have stepped up the activity on I’m an Engineer significantly.

  • We’ve decided on the initial 4 zone themes for March based on a long-list we drafted and feedback provided by teachers, engineers and students: https://imanengineer.org.uk/2011/09/zone-selection
    • High Performance
    • Energy
    • Health
    • Measurement  – sponsored by STFC
    • 2 more will be decided in early January based on the sign-ups from engineers
  • We’ve added an engineering motif to the banner on the website. This was developed by the team based on input from teachers and will be revised based on comments received from students who have taken part previously in I’m a Scientist. We emailed the keenest students who had taken part in IAS over the last couple of years and asked them to comment.  We’ve had 24 comments on the design and a host more on other posts back from them. The general gist is very positive about the design and more importantly the event.
  • We’ve been informing the Engineering Institutes and other organisations such as WES about the event and the sector has been very supportive in terms of helping to spread the word.
    • Sign ups from engineers has been promising. We currently have 70. We have space for 30.
    • Most are early career engineers
      • 44% less than 5 years experience
      • 41% 5 – 10 years of experience
    • 43% are female
    • 66% are industry based, 17% are academic
    • And so, so many are doing fascinating jobs.
  • We’ve been using our lists of science teachers and asking organisations like DATA and NCETM to promote the event to D&T and Maths teachers.
    • We’ve sent emails to heads of Maths in UK secondary schools
    • 135 teachers are currently signed up to take part:
      • 65 Science teachers
      • 32 Maths teachers
      • 25 D&T teachers
      • 13 Others including some primary schools
    • We have space for 90 teachers
  • We are currently revising the teacher packs and engineer briefing notes
  • All is good.
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