Day 9 – Round 3 Evictions: the final countdown!

It’s now under 24 hours until we’ll be announcing the zone winners!

Today it was game over for one more engineer from each zone and the third set of engineers to go are:

We hope you’ve enjoyed taking part! Thank you for all the time and effort you’ve put into answering student questions and taking part in live chats.

Lots of students don’t want live chats to end. One student said: “i dnt want this chat to finish pease stay for a bit loner”.

Engineers don’t want the live chats to end either.

Engineers are still answering the last student questions.

In Measurement Zone Matt explains the difference between engineering and science,

Paige and Martin in Health Zone explain how jumpers and hoodies can be made from empty coke bottles,

and in Energy Zone Robin, Becky and Usaid talk about how engineering can involve doing lots of hands-on-things.

Good luck to all the final engineers tomorrow, may the best engineers win!

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