Day 1 – Live chats are go!

The waiting is over, live chats have started and students are busy putting the engineers through their paces.

As this is the first I’m an Engineer, Get me out of here!, it’s been difficult to predict exactly what students will ask engineers.

Students have asked the engineers over 500 questions. Some interesting questions relate to the individual engineer’s work, such as “how did you make the maze solving robot?“, “do you design products to send into space?” and “how do you deal with political issues on weaponary in work?

Lots of students have been asking questions about the qualifications needed to be an engineer and how long they studied at university for, which are great for giving insight into engineering as a career.

It’ll be interesting to see if the type of questions change as students learn more about engineering.

We ran 5 live chats today, where students have been trying to find out what is takes to become an engineer. One student asked in a live chat: “How does your brain need to work to become an engineer?”, which would get any neurobiologist excited.

After the initial nerves, engineers seemed to be enjoying the chats. Amit Pujari said “Whoof what an experience. I am loving it!”

There’ll be 6 live chats tomorrow and lots more student questions being asked. We’ll be keeping an eye out for interesting highlights to report.

You can join in the camaraderie on Twitter by following #IEng2012.





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