I’m an Engineer June 2015: Who’s taking part?

I’m an Engineer, Get me out of here is back this June with students from nearly 50 schools talking to 30 engineers across 6 zones.

UK schools taking part in I'm an Engineer this June

UK schools taking part in I’m an Engineer this June

The engineers will be competing for the school students’ votes in two weeks of fast-paced live chats and questions on everything from satellites, to 3D cameras, to making drugs, to adapting to climate change.

For the latest news and announcements, find us on Twitter, @IAEGMOOH, and follow the hashtag #IAEUK.

Let’s meet the engineers and schools taking part…

Artificial Body Zone

This zone is funded by the Wellcome Trust.

The Engineers

Andrew PhillipsImperial College London

We design and make bones and muscles.

Elizabeth KapasaUniversity of Leeds

I am developing a therapy to regenerate bones in the human body.

Nicholas Hitchins | Team Consulting Ltd

I am a medical engineer, I design equipment that goes inside your body and in hospitals to help keep people alive and save lives.

 Sonia Ramos PascualUniversity of Bath

I am researching the mechanical behaviour of the spine.

Yu Chuen TamEmmeline Centre for Hearing Implants, Addenbrookes Hospital

I help to restore peoples hearing, and enable babies to gain language.

 The Schools

  • Aquinas College, Stockport
  • Carlton Bolling College, Bradford
  • Chelsea Academy, London
  • Holyhead School, Handsworth
  • King Henry VIII School, Coventry
  • Longdean School, Hemel Hempstead
  • Loreto Grammar School, Altrincham
  • Nottingham High School, Nottingham
  • The Rickmansworth School, Rickmansworth

Energy Zone

This zone is funded by the Science and Technology Facilities Council.

The Engineers

 Lee MargettsUniversity of Manchester

I use engineering principles and the world’s biggest supercomputers to study dinosaurs, nuclear reactors and aeroplanes.

Liz Meddings | Arup

I design buildings to be low energy AND comfortable.

Tadhg O’Donovan Heriot-Watt University

“The hot and the cold are both so intense, put them together, it just makes sense” – Olaf from Frozen; I study heat flow and solar energy.

Yasmin Ali E.ON Exploration & Production

My job is to give YOU power! I work out how to get oil and gas stuck deep underground to power stations to make electricity so you can watch TV, have hot showers, and snapchat your friends!

 The Schools

  • Brayton High School, Selby
  • Chelsea Academy, London
  • Dalrymple Primary School, Dalrymple
  • Kingsmeadow Community College, Gateshead
  • Longdean School, Hemel Hempstead
  • Penelope Lister Community School ,London
  • Saint Martins Catholic Academy, Stoke Golding
  • Stephen Perse Foundation, Cambridge

Environment Zone

The Engineers

Alex WebbFugro GEOS

Real time weather and ocean data from oil and gas rigs, offshore, worldwide.

Arshan IqbalExeter University and Northumbrian Water (STREAM IDC)

I use weather information in a clever way to stop your house flooding when it’s raining heavily.

Harriette StoneUCL & World Bank

I look at how buildings fall over in earthquakes and what we can do to stop them!

Nicola AskerNational Grid

I work for National Grid looking at the pipelines that carry gas around the country and figuring out where we need to build new ones or spend money to improve the current ones.

Zachary Gill Willmott Dixon Energy Services

I’m working hard to make your homes and places of work more comfortable AND cheaper to run.

 The Schools

  • Bournemouth School For Girls, Bournemouth
  • Dalriada School, Ballymoney
  • Fowey River Academy, Fowey
  • Gumley House Convent School For Girls, Isleworth
  • John Fletcher of Madeley Primary School, Telford
  • Lathallan School, Montrose
  • Wellfield High School, Leyland

Hospitals Zone

This zone is funded by the Wellcome Trust.

The Engineers

Jamie JohnstonAtlas Genetics Ltd

I join chemistry and biology with engineering to help make machines that can test for diseases quickly and easily.

 Kristen Salzer-Frost | University of Greenwich and Ramboll UK

I use the science of fire, buildings and people to design better buildings, including hospitals, airports, sky scrapers, schools and more!

Simon MarchantNHS

I work in hospitals, and I check and fix all kinds of equipment – from blood monitors to wheelchairs – use loads of ways of measuring the way bodies work, and even give people (little) electric shocks to help them to walk!

Sheun OshinboluUniversity College London and GlaxoSmithKline

Finding quicker and easier ways to monitor the quality of drugs in the early stages of manufacture.

William Scott-JacksonUniversity of Surrey, Centre for Vision, Speech and signal Processing

Using 3D cameras to improve medical imaging clarity.

 The Schools

  • Chauncy School, Ware
  • Cheney School, Oxford
  • Haven High School, Boston
  • Old Palace Of John Whitgift Senior School, Croydon
  • Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy, Oldbury
  • Putney High School, Putney
  • St. Francis Xavier Sixth Form College, Balham
  • Trinity CofE High School, Hulme

Space for All Zone

This zone is funded by the UK Space Agency.

The Engineers

Camilla WeissSurrey Satellite Technology Ltd 

I design and build spacecraft to learn more about the solar system, including our own planet Earth – my work gets launched into space!

Dan WatsonSatellite Applications Catapult

I design and build things for people to solve problems in space and at the bottom of the sea.

Katie Hassell Airbus Defence & Space

My jobs is to make sure a new spacecraft, that is to look for planets around other stars, stays at just the right temperature: not too hot and not too cold.

Mike LawtonOxford Space Systems

I founded & run a business that designs cool technology for spacecraft.

Rhys Archer University of Manchester

I use a big machine to break a strong material known as a carbon fibre composite which is used to build space craft!

 The Schools

  • Aston Manor Academy, Birmingham
  • Bungay High School, Beccles
  • Gumley House Convent School For Girls, Isleworth
  • Haven High, Boston
  • Holyhead School, Handsworth
  • Lamlash Primary School, Lamlash
  • Nottingham Academy, Nottingham
  • Redland Green School, Bristol
  • Robert Gordon’s College, Aberdeen
  • Shrubland Street Community Primary School, Leamington Spa
  • St Annes Catholic School, Southampton
  • The Holy Cross School, New Malden

Kelvin Zone

This zone is funded by the Science and Technology Facilities Council.

The Engineers

Craig AinslieMinistry of Defence

Royal Air Force Fast Jet and Helicopter Engineer.

Hannah PearlmanFord Motor Company

I work with people around the world to design cooling systems in cars which are the bits that stop the engine catching fire!

Norbert GogielOxford Space Systems

I am an engineer working in space industry analysing and predicting the performance of spacecraft structures.

Simon Lay | Diamond Light Source

I design Protection Systems to stop Scientist wrecking Expensive Equipment!

Siu Ng Environment Agency

Protecting millions of businesses, homes and lives from effects of climate change and champion for the environment.

 The Schools

  • Adcote School For Girls, Shrewsbury
  • Broadoak School, Weston-Super-Mare
  • Bullers Wood School, Chislehurst
  • Chosen Hill School, Gloucester
  • Connahs Quay High School, Connahs Quay
  • Four Dwellings Primary Academy, Quinton
  • Holy Trinity, Barnsley
  • Lakes College, Wokington
  • Markland Hill CP School, Bolton
  • Old Palace Of John Whitgift Senior School, Croydon

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