June 2016 Zones

I’m an Engineer, Get me out of here will run for two weeks from Monday 13th to Friday 24th June 2016.

With 5 different zones, we’re looking for 25 engineers and have space for more than 1,700 students.

Here is a list of the zones we will be running, or if you want to skip straight to the application, teachers register here: imanengineer.org.uk/teacher-registration, engineers apply here: imanengineer.org.uk/engineer-apply.

Aerospace Zone

Either aeroplane wings put air in a spin, or there is a serious engine malfunction | Image: NASA

Since people first looked at the beauty of flying birds and got a serious case of FOMO, we have always dreamt of flight. Then it actually happened and we got Ryanair. But the dream of modern air travel, and space travel, isn’t over yet. In the Aerospace Zone there could be engineers improving the engines of aeroplanes, designing rockets and rovers to head to Mars, or seeing how this technology could be used in other fields. If you want to explore why birds bats and insects aren’t so special anymore, then this is the zone for you.

The Aerospace Zone is funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Environment Zone

Look out the window and try and find somewhere that engineering isn’t impacting the environment. Then look at a building and see how the environment it is in has impacted how it’s built. This is the importance of environment to engineers.

In this zone some engineers could be taking advantage of environmental features in their work, for example when building bridges across valleys, while others will want to counter the negative effects of natural disasters. How to protect water supplies from floods, designing earthquake proof buildings and taking renewable energy from the environment are all things engineers could be doing in this zone.

The Environment Zone is funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Health Zone

Our body is a little bit like a machine: our bones form a robust structure, which is moved by muscles. Our digestive system is in charge of taking up energy from food and the blood stream delivers it to where it is needed. We even have a very sophisticated waste management system, and all of this machinery is controlled by a central computer: our brain. Biomedical engineers in this zone will be applying their design and problem solving skills to biology and medicine to improve healthcare. 

The Health Zone is funded by the Wellcome Trust.

Water Zone

Center pivot irrigation in Kansas gets water to crops and makes great satellite images | Image: NASA

Turn on the tap and it’s right there. Gushing into your sink after coming from….where? This zone follows one of the themes of the Wellcome Trust’s major initiative for 2016, The Crunch. Clean, accessible water is central to how we live. This zone could have engineers who can talk about the journey water makes around the world, how we can make the most of the water we have. There could be engineers ensuring water gets where it is needed most, engineers whose work brings them into contact with water everyday, and engineers helping people protect against the damage water can do us, such as flooding.

The Water Zone is funded by the Wellcome Trust.

A General Engineering Zone – The Kilogram Zone

Engineers are more than Structural Engineers or Mechanical, more than Electrical Engineers or Civil; engineers aren’t defined by just one field. We’re looking for five engineers from different areas of engineering to help show students the breadth engineering, and that it isn’t all spanners and hard hats.

The Kilogram Zone is funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Apply now to take part!


Teachers apply here: imanengineer.org.uk/teachers
Apply before Tuesday 3rd May
We’ll send an email out soon after you sign up asking which zones and how many classes you would like to bring online.


Engineers apply here: imanengineer.org.uk/engineer-apply
Take a look at this page for our advice on your application!


This June we’ll also be running I’m a Scientist. Click here for more information.

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