I’m an Engineer June 2017: Who’s taking part?

Schools taking part in I’m an Engineer this June

I’m an Engineer, Get me out of here is back! In June students at nearly 30 schools will be interacting with 12 engineers across 2 zones.

Between 12th – 23rd June school students will put the engineers through their paces in fast-paced live chats and probing questions on everything from nanomaterials, to streaming video and cow poo gas tanks.

For the latest news and announcements about the event, find us on Twitter, @iaegmooh, and follow the hashtag, #IAEUK.

Let’s meet the engineers and schools taking part…

Smart Materials Zone

This zone is funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering.

The Engineers

Tony Anson | Brunel University London

I “invent” things to treat disease, especially surgical devices that use “smart materials”

Stacey Marple | Monitor Coatings Ltd

Creating and applying surface coatings, currently working on the new Royal Navy Air Carriers to allow jets to land vertically on the deck

Niamh Ryall | University of Leeds

I use nanomaterials to make a new kind of solar panel, so we can try and copy what plants do.

Dimitrios Fantanas | University of Surrey and M-Solv Ltd

I am doing an Engineering Doctorate (EngD) degree on transparent conductive materials that can be used on touch sensors, solar cells and smart windows

Rebecca Bennett | Speedo International

I design and develop textile materials that are used in high performance sports

Alessandra Treviso | National Composites Centre

I create virtual models of planes or car parts to find out if they are going to work and to find a way to produce them.

The Schools

  • Baylis Court School, Berkshire
  • Bristol Brunel Academy, Bristol
  • Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School, West Midlands
  • Carlton Road Academy, Lincolnshire
  • Connah’s Quay High School, Flintshire
  • Fairfield High School, Bristol
  • Green Spring Academy Shoreditch, London
  • Herne Bay High School, Kent
  • King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls, Birmingham
  • Kingsmeadow Community Comprehensive School, Gateshead
  • Loreto Grammar School, Cheshire
  • Millstrand Integrated Primary School, Portrush
  • Richmond School, North Yorkshire
  • Tonbridge Grammar School, Kent
  • Woodrush Community High School, Worcestershire

Candela Zone

This zone is funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering.

The Engineers

Yetunde Kolawole | PhD Student, University of Edinburgh

Imagine downloading a HD video in less than a second – that’s what my work could make possible!

Tom Rooney | Sonardyne International

I work with systems designed to track and communicate with vehicles in the most harshest environment on earth… deep under the ocean!

Laura Walker | Daikin Applied UK Ltd

I design controls for heating and cooling different rooms, from sport centres to operating theatres, football/Olympic stadiums or classrooms, using a variety of engineering skills and software to make the air comfortable for each activity

Jack Irwin |  Bennamann

I design tanks that store gas from cow poo… which is used to power lorries

Gina Schade | Sony UKTEC

What is your favourite movie? I helped create the camera they used to film it!

Christopher Bullock | PhD Student, University of Manchester

Trying to use stem cells and advanced materials, like graphene, to cure degenerative diseases

The Schools

  • Aldridge School – A Science College, West Midlands
  • Allerton High School, West Yorkshire
  • Colchester County High School for Girls, Essex
  • Gateside Primary School, North Ayrshire
  • Holyhead School, Lancashire
  • Humber UTC, North Lincolnshire
  • Park Lane Learning Trust, West Yorkshire
  • Priory School, Hampshire
  • St James’ Church of England Primary Academy, Dorset
  • St Joseph’s College, Dumfries
  • St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Morecambe, Lancashire
  • St Sylvester’s RC Primary School, Moray
  • The John Henry Newman Catholic School, Hertfordshire
  • Wigan and Leigh College, Lancashire
  • Woodlands School, Derbyshire
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