What’s happening in I’m an Engineer, the online engineering outreach event

Over the last week, students and engineers have been engaging online in I’m an Engineer, Get me out of here. Together they’ve talked about everything from how to get into apprenticeships, to the economic benefits of engineering, to developing code for satellites and even tips on how to keep bearded dragons (beardies) as pets and what everyone’s favourite moon of Jupiter is (we’ve all got one).

This November, there’s a Space Zone, supported by the UK Space Agency and Millisecond Zone, a general zone featuring engineers from a range of areas and disciplines. See all the engineers and schools taking part in the event here.

In total, in the first week there’s been:

  • 553 school students logging in to the zones
  • 451 questions asked by students sent to the 12 engineers
  • 321 votes cast by students for their favourites
  • (almost) uncountable levels of conversation in the 15 live chats that have taken place.

If all this has got you wanting a piece of the action, then apply for the next I’m an Engineer, taking place 4th–15th March. Or, if you’ve taken part already, tell your colleagues to sign up!

This November, there’s still much more to come. From 3pm on Tuesday the pressure starts to mount as the first engineer is evicted from each zone, with another following each day after. Who will survive to stay in the running for the £500 prize? Find out before anyone else from the announcement in the staffroom each day until the winners are announced this Friday 16th November. Best of luck to all the engineers!

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