Who’s taking part: March 2019

I’m an Engineer, Get me out of here! returns this March for two weeks from the 4th to the 15th. Engineers and school students across the country will be taking part in three different zones: Energy, Space, and Milligram – a general engineering zone.

For the latest news and announcements about the event, find us on Twitter @IAEGMOOH, and follow the hashtag, #IAEUK.  Engineers! Want to take part in our next online event? Sign up here for June 2019.

Let’s meet the engineers and schools taking part…

Energy Zone

The Energy Zone is a themed zone supported by the Science & Technology Facilities Council.

The Engineers

Vinita Marwaha Madil | Space Operations Engineer, European Space Agency

I work on future human spaceflight projects including the European Robotic Arm (ERA).

Hannah Griffin | Principal Software Engineer, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

I make software that scientists and other engineers use to plan complex, cutting-edge experiments using tiny particles and powerful lasers in huge laboratories.

Lesley Colquhoun | Project Engineer, MAATS Tech Ltd

I answer e-mails! Jokes, I am involved in all stages of a project, design and sums, manufacture and testing and installation and commissioning.

Graeme Burt | Professor and Project Manager, Lancaster University

I make giant versions of microwave ovens to make atom smasher for CERN and for treating cancer.

Oliver Moore | Robotics Engineer, UK Atomic Energy Authority

I’m making robots which are controlled by humans which go into dangerous places which would be very harmful if humans were to go themselves.

Aleks Sokol | Distribution Planning Technician, UK Power Networks

I look at how a building, factory or housing estate can be connected to an electricity supply.

The Schools

  • Gairloch High School, Highland
  • The Petchey Academy, London
  • Orchards Academy, Swanley
  • The Victory Academy, Kent
  • Llanyrafon Primary School, Torfaen
  • Dartford Science & Technology College, Dartford
  • Trinity CofE High School, Manchester
  • Pitteuchar East Primary School, Fife

Space Zone

The Space Zone is a themed zone supported by the UK Space Agency.

The Engineers

Pam Anderson | Business Applications Ambassador, European Space Agency

I help companies develop new services that use data from satellites or other space technology.

Brian Weaver | PhD Research Fellow, University of Nottingham

I use satellites that fly 20,000 km around the earth to guide driverless tractors in farms, or ships in the ocean, all around the world!

Andrew Ratcliffe | Head of Launch Systems, UK Space Agency

I am the technical lead at the UK Space Agency on launch and orbital missions.

Rachel Hudson | Space Instrument Engineer, Imperial College London

I help to build and test instruments for two ESA missions to Jupiter and the Sun.

Christopher Youens | Spacecraft Operations Systems Engineer, Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd

I’m responsible for four satellites that take photos of the earth, and step in to fix them when things go wrong.

The Schools

  • Weston College, Weston-Super-Mare,
  • St Anne’s Roman Catholic High School, Stockport
  • Colton Hills Community School, Wolverhampton
  • St Mark’s CofE Primary School, Manchester
  • Marblehead Community Charter Public School, USA
  • Smithycroft Secondary School, Glasgow City
  • Victoria Primary School, Edinburgh City
  • Reepham High School and College, Norwich
  • South Wilts Grammar School for Girls, Salisbury
  • Torquay Girls Grammar School, Torquay
  • The Charles Dickens School, Broadstairs
  • Ormiston Park Academy, Aveley
  • St Cuthbert Mayne School, Torquay

Milligram Zone

The Milligram Zone is a general engineering zone supported by the Science & Technology Facilities Council.

The Engineers

Shruti Turner | PhD Student, Imperial College London

I use pressure sensors to detect what lower limb amputees are “feeling” so that I can improve the fit of their prosthetic limb and prevent medical conditions from developing.

Mark Bentley | Workshop Manager, University of York

I design and make widgets and doodads that don’t exist for scientists and students for teaching and research.

Faranak Bahrami | Research Engineer, TWI Ltd.

I stab thermoplastic composite materials when they are hot (400°C) and make holes on them by pushing the fibres away, then I test them to prove that my technique is better than drilling.

Douglas Wragg | Road Transport Consultant Engineer

I’m a consultant automotive engineer, and I investigate and re-create road accidents.

Charlene Chung | Assistant Modeller, Atkins Global

I use computers to design sewers so that the pee, poo and dirty water from buildings go to the correct place to get treated so that no nasty stuff can block or burst pipes causing flooding, or come back up the toilets and drains in the street making a mess.

Alistair McConnell | Post Doctoral Research Associate, The University of Edinburgh

I build soft squishy underwater robots to monitor oil rigs and wind turbines.

The Schools

  • Bridgewater Primary School, Northampton
  • Merton Park Primary School, London
  • Robert May’s School, Hook
  • St Edward’s Church of England Academy
  • Hylands School, Chelmsford
  • Harris Academy Wimbledon, London
  • High Storrs School, Sheffield
  • Ursuline High School Wimbledon, London
  • Strathearn School, Belfast
  • Gable Hall School, Stanford-le-Hope
  • Summerhill School, Kingswinford
  • Arbroath High School, Angus
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