DAY 6 – Carrot-powered cars, model rockets and transparent soil

Week 2 and the first eviction is tomorrow so now really is your last chance to get your votes in! Today’s environment chat included questions on carrot-powered cars and renewable energy. Did you know… Cars can (probably, indirectly) be run on carrots: mitchellwallington : Do you think that you can make a car run on carrots? natashawatson : cars running on carrots? they could probably; if you fermented the carrots you’d get alcohol and you can run a car on that. We’re already making use of energy from the core of the Earth: landrosa : do you think we will ever be able to reach the earths core and harness its energy? if so would it count as a renewable source of energy? nicolalazenby : We already use the earths core’s heat through Geothermal energy! You dig a big hole into the ground and pump water down it, this water then … Continue reading

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DAY 5 – Global warming, Scottish independence and rocket science

So it’s Friday and that means we’re half way through I’m an Engineer March 2013! Get ready for the evictions next week, starting at 3pm on Tuesday – don’t forget to vote to keep your favourite in the competition. Did you know… Nicola thinks dealing with global warming is all about energy use: jerry2k8 : Nicola, What is your view on global warming and how it should be dealt with? nicolalazenby : Global Warming is happened – that’s a fact! (Why else would we have snow in the spring!) I think dealing with it should be about getting people to use less energy and finding renewable sources for the energy we do use! And Keith believes young people should learn how to monitor how much energy they use: annamac : Why do you think it is important to teach children about energy monitoring equipment? keithbeattie : energy is invisible, by … Continue reading

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DAY 4 – Sustainability in sport, Saudi Arabian cities and bamboo houses

This week’s flying by and it’s been a busy day for Environment Zone chats. So what can we share with you?  Did you know… The reason humans don’t have wings: vanessasugar : why do animals have wings and but humans dont? edwardtaylor : people can fly! with the help of a few wings and engines. Without them we can also fly, but only downward. I think a good reason we never evolved to have wings is because we are too big! the albatross is the biggest bird in the sky and it can only just fly, natural things bigger than that would be too big and wouldnt be able to fly. The London Olympics were more sustainable than the Beijing Olympics: putplan02 : how did the london olympics compare to other cities in terms of sustainability? nicolalazenby : i did a project on this last year!!! London was amazing – they were so much … Continue reading

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DAY 3 – Helicopters, straw huts and coal mines

Two more live chats in the environment zone today and we’ve had lots more great questions on everything from career paths to hobbies, helicopters to straw huts! Did you know… Ed stops helicopter controls melting: putpsim02 : how do you proof helicopter controls from extreme heat? edwardtaylor : good question! What we do during design is make sure we use materials that wont expand or contract too much due to the heat (and that definitely wont melt!). More complex electronics have cooling systems which pass cool air over the top of the electrical stuff to cool it down, and equipment that gets really really hot is cooled using water cooling systems!   By 2050 Tish wants everyone to know about building using natural materials: putptay09 : if you had your way hat year would you want all buildings to be made of a material other than bricks natashawatson : hmmm … Continue reading

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DAY 2 – 3D printing, heat pumps and bridges

Another environment chat today, so what did we discover? Did you know… Engineers make models using 3D printers: jakemason1 : how often do you use 3d printing edwardtaylor : We use 3D printing at work sometimes to create a respresentation of an engineering system. For example the other day we used a 3D printer to make a little model of a ship radar to show a customer! It looks really realistic and doesnt take long at all to make Ground source heat pumps are a bit like fridges: michaelheston2 : how does your technology work? nicolalazenby : Like your fridge takes the heat out of food and kicks it out the back of it (check out the back of your fridge when you get home!) a ground source heat pump works by taking the heat out of the ground and putting it into your house Close to 100 questions approved … Continue reading

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DAY 1 – Football, Grand Designs and the Olympics

Today we had our first 3 I’m an Engineer live chats in the Environment Zone, and students were keen to ask the engineers lots of questions about what they do, both at work and in their spare time. From Olympic venues to engineering-related TV and work trips abroad, our engineers managed to keep up with the fast moving conversations. Did you know… Engineers can be pretty useful for sports: ginger : would your work have anything to do with under pitch heating. I support liverpool nicolalazenby : Yes!! my research can be applied to pitch heating! you can put ground source heat pumps under a football ground carpark and then use it to defrost the pitch when it’s frozen! A career in engineering can include some interesting trips abroad: putpmar24 : what do you enjoy the most about your job? keithbeattie : I also get to travel to our other … Continue reading

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Are you ready for I’m an Engineer, Get me out of Here!?

First live chats next week! The fun starts on Monday when the first live chats will take place, but there are already lots of questions queued up for the engineers to answer in ‘Ask’. We’re looking forward to hearing more of the students’ questions – let’s just hope the engineers are ready to answer them! Take a look… Aerospace engineer Ed has uploaded lots of helicopter pictures, and if he won the money he’d spend it on 3D printing lessons What do you get if you cross a chicken with a cement mixer? A brick layer! says Geordie engineer Nicola And Tish from the Environment Zone wants to make bamboo buildings at science festivals Don’t forget to take a look at the other engineers’ profiles here. Chats booked and ready to go Live chat bookings have been coming in thick and fast – it’s definitely going to be a packed two … Continue reading

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Who’s taking part in March 2013?

I’m an Engineer event is just around the corner, so it’s time to announce the engineers and schools taking part. The event will be running from 11th-22nd March, which will be running alongside the March I’m a Scientist event. Schools There are 11 schools involved, lots of whom took part in the first ever I’m an Engineer event last March. Teachers last March found it opened their students’ eyes to what engineering really is, and in some cases the possibility of studying engineering. “The biggest plus for me was one of my pupils coming up to me three days later and saying ‘I’m going through my options sheet at the moment and I’m interested in engineering’ and you think ‘we’ve won one!’” Engineers Choosing the 5 engineers to take part wasn’t easy as there were lots whose work considers the environment – it’s a big part of engineering! Last March … Continue reading

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Environment Zone – looking for engineers

Just before Christmas we announced we’re going to run I’m an Engineer again this March. We’ve chosen a zone and are now looking for public engagement minded engineers to take part in the.. Environment Zone Almost every engineering project needs to consider the environment it is operating in. If that is your job then we want you to apply to take part. You could be a structural engineer who designs earthquake proof buildings; or a mining engineer figuring out how to minimise the impact of spoil; maybe you helped design the London Array. It’s a pretty broad theme. How to apply Engineers apply at by Monday 4th February. Why take part? If you get any joy from explaining the world, or think you might have some aptitude for it, then don’t hesitate to apply! For the sake of a couple of weeks with a little extra work-load, the experience is … Continue reading

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Next I’m an Engineer event: March 2013

We really enjoyed running I’m an Engineer in March and we want to do it again. So we will. From 11th to 22nd March 2013 we will get 5 engineers competing for the votes of secondary school students. We still need to decide the zone theme. Teachers, let us know what appeals to you. We’re also looking for someone to support the event, and a funding partner will help determine the theme. If you are interested please get in contact.  

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