Putting the E word into engagement

A thought as I leave: there’s more difference between PR and PE than between science and engineering #eword — Steve Cross (@steve_x) October 25, 2012 The Royal Academy of Engineering hosted a day on October 25th about Engineering (the E word) Engagement. It was a very interesting day which left me with many challenges and thoughts. Just what you want from a seminar. The programme for the day consisted of two panel sessions in the morning, followed by an open session. After that we were treated to a series of 5 minutes briefings on past Ingenious projects and Mark Miodownik’s History of Engineering. I’m going to focus on the first three sessions: Is engineering engagement different from science engagement? Where are all the engineers? Open session: How do we tell what good engagement is? Is engineering engagement different from science engagement? There was a lot of crossover between the first … Continue reading

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Congratulations to the March 2012 student winners

We would like to congratulate the following students who have been named ‘student winners’ in their zones for the first ever I’m an Engineer event this March. The moderators thought there were good questions asked and really great engagement with the event. Zone Student winner School Energy tbonesteak Putney High School Health laceyc St Helen and St Katherine High Performance charlotte1999 David Young Measurement zoha Stockley Academy Transport branflakes123 St Paul’s Catholic College Water hannahgrimes Churston Ferrers Grammar School Well done to all the students above! They will soon be receiving their student winners certificates and WH Smith vouchers. We would also like to thank all the other students who participated. Everyone contributed to the brilliant live chats and really challenged the engineers with some interesting and thought provoking questions. As one engineer said “I have seen how enthusiastic and switched-on the students have been and amazed at the high … Continue reading

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A thank you message from Matt!

To all the schools and students who took part in I’m an Engineer 2012, First of all – THANK YOU! I never thought I’d win when I entered and it’s a huge honour to have been voted for by so many of you! I hope I – and my fellow engineers – have given even just a few of you a little inspiration to go out and discover the big pile-of-awesome that the world becomes when looked at through engineering and science. I’m delighted to hear that you all had such a splendid time, but I don’t believe for second that you enjoyed it more than I did! The live chats rapidly became the favourite part of my day and all my lunches and coffee-breaks were spent answering questions. The only problem I’ve had has been coming up with a plan for the prize that would do justice to the … Continue reading

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Day 10 – Congratulations to the winning engineers!

It’s been a very intense two weeks of animated live chats and thought-provoking questions, with lots of topical issues up for debate. Students and engineers have had over 80 live chats and engineers have answered nearly 1,300 student questions. The six winning engineers have made it through four nail biting rounds of evictions. Each student vote counted and in some zones the evictions came down to just a few votes. It’s time to reveal the winner in each zone. Congratulations to:  Zone  Winner  Where they work  Energy Zone  Robin Stafford Allen  Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE  Health Zone  Paige Brown  Louisiana State University  High Performance    Zone  Andy Hearn  Thales Avionics  Measurement Zone  Matt Maddock  STFC, Diamond Lightsource  Transport Zone  James Vokes  Thales UK  Water Zone  Chris Hill  British Antarctic Survey The winning engineers all receive £500 to spend on STEM engagement, and we can’t wait to see their wonderful ideas put into … Continue reading

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Day 9 – Round 3 Evictions: the final countdown!

It’s now under 24 hours until we’ll be announcing the zone winners! Today it was game over for one more engineer from each zone and the third set of engineers to go are: Becky in Energy Zone Jo in Health Zone Bill in High Performance Zone Steph in Measurement Zone Al in Transport Zone Jed in Water Zone We hope you’ve enjoyed taking part! Thank you for all the time and effort you’ve put into answering student questions and taking part in live chats. Lots of students don’t want live chats to end. One student said: “i dnt want this chat to finish pease stay for a bit loner”. Engineers don’t want the live chats to end either. Engineers are still answering the last student questions. In Measurement Zone Matt explains the difference between engineering and science, Paige and Martin in Health Zone explain how jumpers and hoodies can be … Continue reading

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Day 8 – Round 2 Evictions: the competition’s hotting up!

Only one engineer can win each zone and so today we had to say goodbye to more engineers. The second set of engineers to go are: Kelly in Energy Zone Amit in Health Zone Rain in High Performance Zone Dan in Measurement Zone Alex in Water Zone It was a draw in Transport Zone! We hope you’ve enjoyed taking part! Thank you for all the time and effort you’ve put into answering student questions and taking part in live chats. Students are getting a lot out of the event. Engineers like Amit are showing good camaraderie for their zones. And with evictions happening everyday, the tension is building. After yesterday’s eviction Paige tweeted: Highlights from student questions include: Some health and safety in Health Zone: “Have you ever been injured at work?” Some history in Transport Zone: “would you like to be an engineer in roman times?” And something personal … Continue reading

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Day 7 – Round 1 of Evictions

It’s been a great event so far! Engineers have been working hard to answer over 1,000 questions and have taken part in 60 live chats collectively. But as only one engineer can win in each zone it’s time to announce the first to be evicted. The first engineers to go are: Carrie in Energy Zone Emily in Health Zone Grant in High Performance Zone Mike in Measurement Zone Ivanka in Transport Zone Harriet in Water Zone We’d like to say thank you to all the engineers for all the time and effort you’ve put into answering student questions and taking part in live chats. We hope you’ve enjoyed taking part. Students are getting a lot out of the event. In one live chat a student said: “Thank you so much for talking to us  we have had such an amazing time speaking to you! We are all so inspired by … Continue reading

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Day 6 – Hot topics for debate

At the start of the second week, students have been asking the engineers some pretty challenging questions.   In Transport Zone student neilaandkitty asked Emma “Are you not a pacifist? Did you want to be responsible for machinery that could effectively end lives?” Emma defends her work as a weapons engineer as a means of defending our life style, peace and retaining the free country we live in.   In Health Zone Paige fills in student jonese on the health risks of using nano technology to treat diseases, with a video of a man who has literally turned Blue from drinking silver nano particles! And Martin discusses with student deviesl3 the possibility of inventing a moon lift. It’s great to see topical issues like these being discussed in both questions and live chats.

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Day 5 – Our World in Motion

It’s National Science and Engineering Week. This year’s theme “Our World in Motion” relates well to what students have been asking.   Student rustyhook49 in High Performance Zone wants to know if Kayleigh has ever drive an F1 car, while engineers in Transport Zone are busy being busy and Ken in Water Zone explains water in motion using Bernouilli’s equation.   With the first eviction on Tuesday, it’s all to play for!  

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Day 4 – money, creativity and blowing stuff up

Typing Thursday today. 12 live chats booked – the most for the event. And a host more questions sent through to the engineers. Some of the favourites from today: Do you have a creative side and if so how does it help your work? how much do you get paid? We’re always especially happy to engineers from other zones leave comments on questions where they’ve got something to add: Joanne Davies seems to get to blow things up at work. Usaid doesn’t. But the answer that made me laugh the most was on this question: what is your favourite chamical? N2O – what else?    

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